Reading Gives You Superpowers

Monday is the tenth day of school and Zero the Hero will be visiting the ASIJ Elementary Library.  Zero the Hero truly believes that reading gives you superpowers and that our very own imaginations are the greatest superpower of all.  So, get ready to crack open some new books with Zero the Hero on Monday before school and during recess!

“The more we read the more we get to use our imagination and the more we use our imaginations the more powerful we become.  So crack open a book and start reading because reading really does give you superpowers and imagination is the greatest superpower of all.” Dav Pilkey creator of Captain Underpants


Banned Book Week 2018


Pilkey hopes people will realize that widespread censorship is not the answer;  the appropriate response is to remember this statement: “I don’t want my children to read this book.” What are your thoughts?

Books in our library that have been banned in other libraries around the world:

Banned Book List (click here)

Think about the books you love that are on the Banned Book List and answer these questions.